Tie Dyed Coffee Filter Eggs

I found this really cute idea for tie dying coffee filter Easter eggs. They came out really cute and my kids loved what happened when we sprayed them with water!

What you need:

coffee filters

water-based markers


spray bottle with water in it

magazines or newspaper

Lets get started

The first thing you need to do is draw an outline of an egg shape on the coffee filter. I made several at once.

After you draw the outline cut them out. I cut them out for my kids.

After you cut the eggs out have you child decorate the eggs with the markers. I suggested drawing lines, squiggly lines, dots and to leave some white area in between.

And some more…

When all of your eggs are decorated use the spray bottle to spray water over the filters. I used a magazine under the coffee filter eggs so, that it could absorb some of the excess water. My daughter went a little crazy with the water! I think the color may have been a bit more vibrant if we used less water but, they still came out gorgeous!

When you finish spraying the eggs leave them on the magazine or newspaper and let them dry.

We displayed our eggs by hanging them on a ribbon across a window. Happy decorating!

2 thoughts on “Tie Dyed Coffee Filter Eggs

  1. Cute and fun! Thanks for all your great ideas, Kristen–we’ve done salt painting and finger-paint-in-a-bag so far. I am winning props for being a fun crafty mom on playdates–thanks! Love it!!

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